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We serve the hottest tech news in the world through our website, aimed to help every user to do more with their devices.

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  • Custom Roms

    From tons of android custom roms available, it's difficult to find the best. We bring you all the ultimate guides in the domain of Android

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    We gather best Android tweaks, these tweaks can make your device look cool and will surely help to improve your productivity.

  • Tech Hacks

    We discuss the top tech hacks that can make your life much easier and help you finish tasks faster and efficiently.

  • Optimized for ads

    Ready-to-use Adsense ad slots have been provided in locations with high click rates

  • Easier to use

    It's very easy to change the color, width to font through Blogger Theme Designer including widget settings in the Layout menu

  • Updated regularly

    We always update the template regularly and add features or fix some bugs that appear

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A rollercoaster ride of adventures around the Android world. We smash you with the information that will make you an Android enthusiast.

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Install CorvusOS vS2.1 - No 1 Android Gaming Rom

Corvus OS is based on AOSP, with all the useful features required. With a objective of stability while being feature-rich at the same time. The foc…

How to remove unlocked bootloader warning in Samsung Galaxy S22 5G (SM-S901)

Bootloader warning ⚠ Have you recently unlock your bootloader of you Samsung Galaxy S22 5G (SM-S901) and want to remove …

ProtonAOSP Android 12L for almost every android devices | GSI Rom

A minimal custom Android ROM focused on UI/UX and performance, with a touch of privacy. Stable Android 12L GSI for Samsung Galaxy devices ProtonAOS…

YouTube Vanced discontinued: Best alternatives to YouTube Vanced to watch videos ad-free

YouTube Vanced is described as 'Download YouTube Vanced APK for Non-Rooted, Rooted, and Magisk Android devices. Vanced also was known as iYTBP i…

How to Downgrade Android 11 to Android 10 on Samsung Galaxy M30s SM-M307F

Installed a new version of Android on your phone and want to roll it back? Here's how you can downgrade again. Generally, it's always b…

Easiest way to Remove Samsung Bloatware without Root

Samsung phones and Galaxy Tabs come with lots of preinstalled apps many of which are useless to the end-user. Such apps are called bloatware and beca…
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